1When will my widows be cleaned?
Unless you specify a particular day for the Sqeek team to do the cleaning, they will just do it at the earliest opportunity based on the schedule you have chosen. If you want a particular day, just contact the Sqeek Customer Care Team.
2Will it be the same day every time?
Most likely the clean will happen on the same day of the week, every time, but sometimes it may be a day either side. If your clean is every month, then it will be the same date each month, give or take a day.
3Will it always be the same window cleaner?
Unless the team that handle your area are on holiday or unavailable for any other reason, it will always be the same cleaners each time. If we have to change cleaners for any reason, it will always be to the same Sqeek standard.
4Can I change the schedule of my clean?
All of our standard cleans are every 28 days, essentially you get Sqeek-y Clean windows every month. If you want it more often or less frequently, just contact the customer care team and we can sort out what you need.
5Is my first clean really free?
Yes, it's free. When you sign up for Sqeek, we don't start billing you until you have your second clean, so if you're not happy with the free clean, just let us know or cancel your account. The Free clean only applies for windows that have a normal amount of soiling due to not being cleaned recently. Windows that are heavily soiled due to not being cleaned for some time or have other substances or debris on them will not qualify for a free clean and may in fact incur extra cost. Please inform us if you think your windows fall into this category once signed up.
6What if I'm not happy with the quality of the clean?
If that happens, it won't just be you that's unhappy. We operate strict quality standards for our cleaners and if the clean you get isn't up to scratch, we need to know about it. We can get your fee for that clean refunded or get the windows redone.
7Can I cancel my account?
Yes. You can cancel you're account at anytime. You can do this by contacting the Customer Care Team or by logging on to your account and cancelling the service. If you are thinking of cancelling, we'd like to know why, so we can use this information to improve our service.
8Can I change the payment method or billing info?
Yes. All of this is handled through your account page. Once logged in you can, change card details, email, password etc.

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