The dos and don’ts of window cleaning

Interesting facts about glass you may not have known!
April 24, 2017
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May 5, 2017
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Think window cleaning is simple? Think again. Without realising, you could be making some very common mistakes which make window cleaning much harder and less effective.

DON’T clean windows in direct sunlight
Heat dries the glass too quickly, upping your chance of water spots and smears. Wait until a cool and cloudy day.

DON’T clean just one side of your windows
Researchers found that there are more varieties of bacteria and fungi on household surfaces than there are outside. Make sure to give the inside and outside of your windows a thorough cleaning, and include window sills, which easily accumulate dust and cobwebs.

DON’T use newspaper to clean your windows
What was once a popular window cleaning hack, using a newspaper to clean your windows is not as effective as once thought. The inks can stain and contain toxic chemicals. Plus, once used the paper is no longer recyclable.

DO hire a professional
Save time and energy and contact Sqeek! Our cleaners are professionally trained to the highest standards, DBS checked and fully insured. Plus, you can get your first clean free!


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